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May 2020 - The Order is rededicated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Rosary is held every Monday during May   -----    13th May 2020 - "Light a candle for the deceased" - The Director for Spirituality& Welfare asks everyone to join us in lighting a candle for all of our deceased. (see "What We Do/Action News" for more details)   -----   23rd April 2020 - SPUC and Catholic Concern release articles and letters about "Abortion at Home" (click on SPUC at the bottom of the page for more details    -----   19th March 2020 - KSC Launches Corona Virus News page. Click on COVID 19 link above




Welcome to Knight's Talk. Below you can see our Supreme Knight, Deputy Supreme Knight and Members of the Board of Directors as well as a few of our Friends, giving talks on how we all should approach our new initiative of Faith - Family - Fratnernity.

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Malcolm McMahon OP

Archbishop of Liverpool

Ecclesiastical Advisor to the Order

Brother Bertie Grogan

Supreme Knight

Bishop John Keenan

Bishop of Paisley




Brother Brian Henry

Supreme Director for Membership & Development

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Knight's Talk -

Brother Jim Gilcreast, The Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus Talks

Brother Sean Mulligan

Supreme Director for Welfare & Spirituality


Brother Michael Akinrele

Supreme Director for Youth & Young People

Brother Sean Smith

Supreme Director for Media


Brother Harry Welsh

Deputy Supreme Knight

Knights of Columbanus

Grand Knights of Colchester and Middlesborough

Brother Jamie McGowan

Grand Knight

Council 1 - Glasgow Universities Council


Fr Griffin

Council 970 - Whitton Chaplain

Fr Ross Campbell


Fr Jim Dean

Chaplain - Province 1 Glasgow


Catholic Social Teaching


S.P.U.C. (UK)

S.P.U.C. (Scotland)




Members' Only Area