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June 15 2020 - The Order launches it's Faith - Family - Fraternity Initiative   -----   May 2020 - The Order is rededicated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Rosary is held every Monday during May   -----    13th May 2020 - "Light a candle for the deceased" - The Director for Spirituality& Welfare asks everyone to join us in lighting a candle for all of our deceased. (see "What We Do/Action News" for more details)   -----   23rd April 2020 - SPUC and Catholic Concern release articles and letters about "Abortion at Home" (click on SPUC at the bottom of the page for more details    -----   19th March 2020 - KSC Launches Corona Virus News page. Click on COVID 19 link above

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1.          Data Protection and Privacy Policy

3.          The Rights of Data Subjects (Articles 15-22 GDPR)    

3.          Lawfulness of Processing (Article 6 GDPR)

4.          Data Processing Principles (Article 5 GDPR)

4.          Data Retention

5.          Secure Processing (Article 32 GDPR)

5.          Accountability and Record Keeping (Article 30 GDPR)

6.          Data Protection Impact Assessments (Article 35 GDPR)

6.          Keeping Data Subjects Informed (Articles 13 & 14 GDPR)

7.          Data Subject Access (Article 15 GDPR)

8.          Rectification of Personal Data (Article 16 GDPR)

8.          Erasure of Personal Data (Article 17 GDPR)

8.          Restriction of Personal Data Processing (Article 18 GDPR)

9.          Data Portability (Article 20 GDPR)

9.          Objections to Personal Data Processing (Article 21 GDPR)

10.         Profiling (Article 22 GDPR)

11.         Personal Data Collected, Held and Processed

13.         Youth and Young People

13.         Data Security - Transferring Personal Data and Communications

13.         Data Security - Storage

14.         Data Security - Disposal

14.         Data Security - Use of Personal Data

15.         Data Security - IT Security

15.         Organisational Measures

16.         Transferring Personal Data to a Country outside the EEA

17.         Data Breach Notification

17.         Implementation of Policy

17.         Policy Updates


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