T H E   O R D E R   O F   T H E   K N I G H T S   O F   S T   C O L U M B A
Serve God by Serving Others

The Order of the Knights of St Columba. 
75, Hillington Road South. 
Glasgow. GA52 2AE. 
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Scope of Policy 

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Applicability of Policy 

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The Order’s purpose and objectives 

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Parental Permission 

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To do...good practice 

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Not to do........... 

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K.S.C Members / Members of staff 

Page 8

Incidents to be recorded and reported 

Page 9
Different types of Child Abuse and Recognition 

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Page 14
More on Recognition 

Page 14
Action to be taken 

Page 15
If a Child is in immediate danger 

Page 16

Page 16
Recording abuse 

Page 17
Use of Photographic/filming equipment 

Page 17
Responsibilities of Safeguarding Officer  

Page 18
Contact details: K.S.C & Other Services 

Page 19
Review of Policy 

Page 19
Attachments - Incident Report Form  

Page 20
Attachments - Safeguarding Form 

Page 23
Attachments - Vulnerable Persons Supplementary 

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