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Competition Results – 2023/2024

One of the Knights of St Columba’s important missions is to assist young people to grow in the likeness of Christ, in wisdom and grace. Our young people are vibrant, energetic, wish to help, learn and be involved and above all to be heard and valued. They are the future of the Holy Catholic Church and our young men are the future of our order.

The Knights offer a package of annual activities to support Youth Ministry in developing and encouraging faith awareness, faith learning and faith practice. In turn, our Young people develop more social awareness, social and inter-personal skills, personal talents and good citizenship. 

Our national youth activities below are based around an annual schedule of events staged at intervals through the academic year i.e. primary, junior, senior and tertiary education.  

In addition to these annual events listed below, we also arrange various quizzes and virtual Youth Seminars and which we invite you to view and ‘like’ so you can keep up to date with our Youth news. Please visit    Knights of St Columba – Youth & Young people.  

Faith Awards

They are held each year across the UK in the form of Caritas and St John Paul ll awards. The Knights actively support these awards as they focus on faith and good citizenship. Depending on levels of service, the participants can achieve Bronze, Silver, Gold or Papal Cross awards.

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