Daily Mass Scheme 2023

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Fri 1st AprilCo 1Province 1
Sat 2nd AprilCo 2Province 1
Sun 3rd AprilCo 4Province 1
Mon 4th AprilCo 8Province 1
Tue 5th AprilCo 22Province 1
Wed 6th AprilCo 150Province 1
Thu 7th AprilCo 350Province 1
Fri 8th AprilCo 396Province 1
Sat 9th AprilCo 429Province 1
Sun 10th AprilCo 486Province 1
Mon 11th AprilCo 603Province 1
Tue 12th AprilCo 9Province 2
Wed 13th AprilCo 12Province 2
Thu 14th AprilCo 18Province 2
Fri 15th AprilNo MassNo Mass
Sat 16th AprilCo 51/283Province 2
Sun 17th AprilCo 64Province 2
Mon 18th AprilCo 146Province 2
Tue 19th AprilCo 458Province 2
Wed 20th AprilCo 493Province 2
Thu 21st AprilCo 584Province 2
Fri 22nd AprilCo 23Province 3
Sat 23rd AprilCo 40Province 3
Sun 24th AprilCo 88Province 3
Mon 25th AprilCo 636Province 3
Tue 26th AprilCo 981Province 3
Wed 27th AprilCo 29Province 4
Thu 28th AprilCo 549Province 4
Fri 29th AprilCo 11Province 5
Sat 30th AprilCo 45Province 5
Sun 1st MayCo 83Province 5
Mon 2nd MayCo 425Province 5
Tue 3rd MayCo 476Province 5
Wed 4th MayCo 538Province 5
Thu 5th MayCo 57Province 6
Fri 6th MayCo 60Province 6
Sat 7th MayCo 74Province 6
Sun 8th MayCo 609Province 6
Mon 9th MayCo 91Province 7
Tue 10th MayCo 212Province 7
Wed 11th MayCo 323Province 7
Thu 12th MayCo 383Province 7
Fri 13th MayCo 468Province 7
Sat 14th MayCo 104Province 8
Sun 15th MayCo 125Province 8
Mon 16th MayCo 172Province 8
Tue 17th MayCo 577Province 8
Wed 18th MayCo 67Province 9
Thu 19th MayCo 92Province 9
Fri 20th MayCo 142Province 9
Sat 21st MayCo 197Province 9
Sun 22nd MayCo 315Province 9
Mon 23rd MayCo 333Province 9
Tue 24th MayCo 81Province 10
Wed 25th MayCo 82Province 10
Thu 26th MayCo 111Province 10
Fri 27th MayCo 137Province 10
Sat 28th MayCo 173Province 10
Sun 29th MayCo 192Province 10
Mon 30th MayCo 224Province 10
Tue 31st MayCo 270Province 10
Wed 1st JuneCo 291Province 10
Thu 2nd JuneCo 302Province 10
Fri 3rd JuneCo 397Province 10
Sat 4th JuneCo 401Province 10
Sun 5th JuneCo 426Province 10
Mon 6th JuneCo 428Province 10
Tue 7th JuneCo 456Province 10
Wed 8th JuneCo 937Province 10
Thu 9th JuneCo 983Province 10
Fri 10th JuneCo 106Province 11
Sat 11th JuneCo 240Province 11
Sun 12th JuneCo 252Province 11
Mon 13th JuneCo 396Province 11
Tue 14th JuneCo 404Province 11
Wed 15th JuneCo 488Province 11
Thu 16th JuneCo 637Province 11
Fri 17th JuneCo 964Province 11
Sat 18th JuneCo 968Province 11
Sun 19th JuneCo 108Province 12
Mon 20th JuneCo 117Province 12
Tue 21st JuneCo 118Province 12
Wed 22nd JuneCo 123Province 12
Thu 23rd JuneCo 128Province 12
Fri 24th JuneCo 151Province 12
Sat 25th JuneCo 161Province 12
Sun 26th JuneCo 200Province 12
Mon 27th JuneCo 204Province 12
Tue 28th JuneCo 210Province 12
Wed 29th JuneCo 214Province 12
Thu 30th JuneCo 219Province 12
Fri 1st JulyCo 264Province 12
Sat 2nd JulyCo 266Province 12
Sun 3rd JulyCo 294Province 12
Mon 4th JulyCo 326Province 12
Tue 5th JulyCo 327Province 12
Wed 6th JulyCo 328Province 12
Thu 7th JulyCo 356Province 12
Fri 8th JulyCo 380Province 12
Sat 9th JulyCo 418Province 12
Sun 10th JulyCo 472Province 12
Mon 11th JulyCo 487Province 12
Tue 12th JulyCo 571Province 12
Wed 13th JulyCo 625Province 12
Thu 14th JulyCo 631Province 12
Fri 15th JulyCo 632Province 12
Sat 16th JulyCo 974Province 12
Sun 17th JulyCo 977Province 12
Mon 18th JulyCo 978Province 12
Tue 19th JulyCo 136Province 14
Wed 20th JulyCo 139Province 14
Thu 21st JulyCo 169Province 14
Fri 22nd JulyCo 185Province 14
Sat 23rd JulyCo 225Province 14
Sun 24th JulyCo 232Province 14
Mon 25th JulyCo 393Province 14
Tue 26th JulyCo 411Province 14
Wed 27th JulyCo 499Province 14
Thu 28th JulyCo 620Province 14
Fri 29th JulyCo 246Province 16
Sat 30th JulyCo 474Province 16
Sun 31st JulyCo 490Province 16
Mon 1st AugustCo 520Province 16
Tue 2nd AugustCo 525Province 16
Wed 3rd AugustCo 93Province 18
Thu 4th AugustCo 127Province 18
Fri 5th AugustCo 182Province 18
Sat 6th AugustCo 184Province 18
Sun 7th AugustCo 223Province 18
Mon 8th AugustCo 293Province 18
Tue 9th AugustCo 481Province 18
Wed 10th AugustCo 564Province 18
Thu 11th AugustCo 94Province 19
Fri 12th AugustCo 329Province 19
Sat 13th AugustCo 634Province 19
Sun 14th AugustCo 162/402Province 20
Mon 15th AugustCo 945Province 20
Tue 16th AugustCo 979Province 20
Wed 17th AugustCo 110Province 21
Thu 18th AugustCo 132Province 21
Fri 19th AugustCo 188Province 21
Sat 20th AugustCo 268Province 21
Sun 21st AugustCo 206Province 27
Mon 22nd AugustCo 287Province 27
Tue 23rd AugustCo 319Province 27
Wed 24th AugustCo 518Province 27
Thu 25th AugustCo 534Province 27
Fri 26th AugustCo 974Province 27
Sat 27th AugustCo 248Province 29
Sun 28th AugustCo 261Province 29
Mon 29th AugustCo 320Province 29
Tue 30th AugustCo 440Province 29
Wed 31st AugustCo 444Province 29
Thu 1st SeptemberCo 500Province 29
Fri 2nd SeptemberCo 528Province 29
Sat 3rd SeptemberCo 529Province 29
Sun 4th SeptemberCo 572Province 29
Mon 5th SeptemberCo 616Province 29
Tue 6th SeptemberCo 967Province 29
Wed 7th SeptemberCo 163Province 30
Thu 8th SeptemberCo 243Province 30
Fri 9th SeptemberCo 267Province 30
Sat 10th SeptemberCo 295Province 30
Sun 11th SeptemberCo 330Province 30
Mon 12th SeptemberCo 399Province 30
Tue 13th SeptemberCo 514Province 30
Wed 14th SeptemberCo 948Province 30
Thu 15th SeptemberCo 963Province 30
Fri 16th SeptemberCo 970Province 30
Sat 17th SeptemberCo 422Province 30
Sun 18th SeptemberCo 982Province 30
Mon 19th SeptemberCo 984Province 30
Tue 20th SeptemberCo 241Province 34
Wed 21st SeptemberCo 277Province 34
Thu 22nd SeptemberCo 280Province 34
Fri 23rd SeptemberCo 324Province 34
Sat 24th SeptemberCo 358Province 34
Sun 25th SeptemberCo 433Province 34
Mon 26th SeptemberCo 551Province 34
Tue 27th SeptemberCo 253Province 37
Wed 28th SeptemberCo 299Province 37
Thu 29th SeptemberCo 614Province 37
Fri 30th SeptemberCo 307Province 38
Sat 1st OctoberCo 388Province 38
Sun 2nd OctoberCo 354Province 38
Mon 3rd OctoberCo 531Province 38
Tue 4th OctoberCo 579Province 38
Wed 5th OctoberCo 972Province 38
Thu 6th OctoberCo 216Province 39
Fri 7th OctoberCo 1Province 1
Sat 8th OctoberCo 2Province 1
Sun 9th OctoberCo 4Province 1
Mon 10th OctoberCo 8Province 1
Tue 11th OctoberCo 22Province 1
Wed 12th OctoberCo 150Province 1
Thu 13th OctoberCo 350Province 1
Fri 14th OctoberCo 429Province 1
Sat 15th OctoberCo 486Province 1
Sun 16th OctoberCo 603Province 1
Mon 17th OctoberCo 9Province 2
Tue 18th OctoberCo 12Province 2
Wed 19th OctoberCo 18Province 2
Thu 20th OctoberCo 51/283Province 2
Fri 21st OctoberCo 64Province 2
Sat 22nd OctoberCo 146Province 2
Sun 23rd OctoberCo 458Province 2
Mon 24th OctoberCo 493Province 2
Tue 25th OctoberCo 584Province 2
Wed 26th OctoberCo 23Province 3
Thu 27th OctoberCo 40Province 3
Fri 28th OctoberCo 88Province 3
Sat 29th OctoberCo 636Province 3
Sun 30th OctoberCo 981Province 3
Mon 31st OctoberCo 29Province 4
Tue 1st NovemberCo 549Province 4
Wed 2nd NovemberCo 11Province 5
Thu 3rd NovemberCo 45Province 5
Fri 4th NovemberCo 83Province 5
Sat 5th NovemberCo 425Province 5
Sun 6th NovemberCo 476Province 5
Mon 7th NovemberCo 538Province 5
Tue 8th NovemberCo 57Province 6
Wed 9th NovemberCo 60Province 6
Thu 10th NovemberCo 74Province 6
Fri 11th NovemberCo 609Province 6
Sat 12th NovemberCo 91Province 7
Sun 13th NovemberCo 212Province 7
Mon 14th NovemberCo 323Province 7
Tue 15th NovemberCo 383Province 7
Wed 16th NovemberCo 468Province 7
Thu 17th NovemberCo 104Province 8
Fri 18th NovemberCo 125Province 8
Sat 19th NovemberCo 172Province 8
Sun 20th NovemberCo 577Province 8
Mon 21st NovemberCo 67Province 9
Tue 22nd NovemberCo 92Province 9
Wed 23rd NovemberCo 142Province 9
Thu 24th NovemberCo 197Province 9
Fri 25th NovemberCo 315Province 9
Sat 26th NovemberCo 333Province 9
Sun 27th NovemberCo 81Province 10
Mon 28th NovemberCo 82Province 10
Tue 29th NovemberCo 111Province 10
Wed 30th NovemberCo 137Province 10
Thu 1st DecemberCo 173Province 10
Fri 2nd DecemebrCo 192Province 10
Sat 3rd DecemebrCo 224Province 10
Sun 4th DecemebrCo 270Province 10
Mon 5th DecemebrCo 291Province 10
Tue 6th DecemebrCo 302Province 10
Wed 7th DecemebrCo 397Province 10
Thu 8th DecemebrCo 401Province 10
Fri 9th DecemebrCo 426Province 10
Sat 10th DecemebrCo 428Province 10
Sun 11th DecemebrCo 456Province 10
Mon 12th DecemebrCo 937Province 10
Tue 13th DecemebrCo 983Province 10
Wed 14th DecemebrCo 106Province 11
Thu 15th DecemebrCo 240Province 11
Fri 16th DecemebrCo 252Province 11
Sat 17th DecemebrCo 396Province 11
Sun 18th DecemebrCo 404Province 11
Mon 19th DecemebrCo 488Province 11
Tue 20th DecemebrCo 637Province 11
Wed 21st DecemebrCo 964Province 11
Thu 22nd DecemebrCo 968Province 11
Fri 23rd DecemebrCo 108Province 12
Sat 24th DecemebrCo 117Province 12
Sun 25th DecemebrCo 118Province 12
Mon 26th DecemebrCo 123Province 12
Tue 27th DecemebrCo 128Province 12
Wed 28th DecemebrCo 151Province 12
Thu 29th DecemebrCo 161Province 12
Fri 30th DecemebrCo 200Province 12
Sat 31st DecemebrCo 204Province 12
Sun 1st JanuaryCo 210Province 12
Mon 2nd JanuaryCo 214Province 12
Tue 3rd JanuaryCo 219Province 12
Wed 4th JanuaryCo 264Province 12
Thu 5th JanuaryCo 266Province 12
Fri 6th JanuaryCo 294Province 12
Sat 7th JanuaryCo 326Province 12
Sun 8th JanuaryCo 327Province 12
Mon 9th JanuaryCo 328Province 12
Tue 10th JanuaryCo 356Province 12
Wed 11th JanuaryCo 380Province 12
Thu 12th JanuaryCo 418Province 12
Fri 13th JanuaryCo 472Province 12
Sat 14th JanuaryCo 487Province 12
Sun 15th JanuaryCo 571Province 12
Mon 16th JanuaryCo 625Province 12
Tue 17th JanuaryCo 631Province 12
Wed 18th JanuaryCo 632Province 12
Thu 19th JanuaryCo 974Province 12
Fri 20th JanuaryCo 977Province 12
Sat 21st JanuaryCo 978Province 12
Sun 22nd JanuaryCo 136Province 14
Mon 23rd JanuaryCo 139Province 14
Tue 24th JanuaryCo 169Province 14
Wed 25th JanuaryCo 185Province 14
Thu 26th JanuaryCo 225Province 14
Fri 27th JanuaryCo 232Province 14
Sat 28th JanuaryCo 393Province 14
Sun 29th JanuaryCo 411Province 14
Mon 30th JanuaryCo 499Province 14
Tue 31st JanuaryCo 620Province 14
Wed 1st FebruaryCo 246Province 16
Thu 2nd FebruaryCo 474Province 16
Fri 3rd FebruaryCo 490Province 16
Sat 4th FebruaryCo 520Province 16
Sun 5th FebruaryCo 525Province 16
Mon 6th FebruaryCo 93Province 18
Tue 7th FebruaryCo 127Province 18
Wed 8th FebruaryCo 182Province 18
Thu 9th FebruaryCo 184Province 18
Fri 10th FebruaryCo 223Province 18
Sat 11th FebruaryCo 293Province 18
Sun 12th FebruaryCo 481Province 18
Mon 13th FebruaryCo 564Province 18
Tue 14th FebruaryCo 94Province 19
Wed 15th FebruaryCo 329Province 19
Thu 16th FebruaryCo 634Province 19
Fri 17th FebruaryCo 162/402Province 20
Sat 18th FebruaryCo 945Province 20
Sun 19th FebruaryCo 979Province 20
Mon 20th FebruaryCo 110Province 21
Tue 21st FebruaryCo 132Province 21
Wed 22nd FebruaryCo 188Province 21
Thu 23rd FebruaryCo 268Province 21
Fri 24th FebruaryCo 206Province 27
Sat 25th FebruaryCo 287Province 27
Sun 26th FebruaryCo 319Province 27
Mon 27th FebruaryCo 518Province 27
Tue 28th FebruaryCo 534Province 27
Wed 1st MarchCo 974Province 27
Thu 2nd MarchCo 248Province 29
Fri 3rd MarchCo 261Province 29
Sat 4th MarchCo 320Province 29
Sun 5th MarchCo 440Province 29
Mon 6th MarchCo 444Province 29
Tue 7th MarchCo 500Province 29
Wed 8th MarchCo 528Province 29
Thu 9th MarchCo 529Province 29
Fri 10th MarchCo 572Province 29
Sat 11th MarchCo 616Province 29
Sun 12th MarchCo 967Province 29
Mon 13th MarchCo 163Province 30
Tue 14th MarchCo 243Province 30
Wed 15th MarchCo 267Province 30
Thu 16th MarchCo 295Province 30
Fri 17th MarchCo 330Province 30
Sat 18th MarchCo 399Province 30
Sun 19th MarchCo 514Province 30
Mon 20th MarchCo 948Province 30
Tue 21st MarchCo 963Province 30
Wed 22nd MarchCo 970Province 30
Thu 23rd MarchCo 422Province 30
Fri 24th MarchCo 982Province 30
Sat 25th MarchCo 984Province 30
Sun 26th MarchCo 241Province 34
Mon 27th MarchCo 277Province 34
Tue 28th MarchCo 280Province 34
Wed 29th MarchCo 324Province 34
Thu 30th MarchCo 358Province 34
Fri 31st MarchCo 433Province 34
Sat 1st AprilCo 551Province 34
Sun 2nd AprilCo 253Province 37
Mon 3rd AprilCo 399Province 37
Tue 4th AprilCo 614Province 37
Wed 5th AprilCo 307Province 38
Thu 6th AprilCo 388Province 38
Fri 7th AprilCoProvince
Sat 8th AprilCo 354Province 38
Sun 9th AprilCo 531Province 38
Mon 10th AprilCo 579Province 38
Tue 11th AprilCo 972Province 38
Wed 12th AprilCo 216Province 39
Thu 13th AprilCo 1Province 1
Fri 14th AprilCo 2Province 1
Sat 15th AprilCo 4Province 1
Sun 16th AprilCo 8Province 1
Mon 17th AprilCo 22Province 1
Tue 18th AprilCo 150Province 1
Wed 19th AprilCo 350Province 1
Thu 20th AprilCo 429Province 1
Fri 21st AprilCo 486Province 1
Sat 22nd AprilCo 603Province 1
Sun 23rd AprilCo 9Province 2
Mon 24th AprilCo 12Province 2
Tue 25th AprilCo 18Province 2
Wed 26th AprilCo 51/283Province 2
Thu 27th AprilCo 64Province 2



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