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On 5th October 1919, Patrick Joseph O’Callaghan, an Irish immigrant from Cork, gathered a meeting of 24 Catholic men at Central Hall, Bath Street, Glasgow and agreed to form a fraternal organisation. The Knights of St Columba. The Order now has thousands of Members from a wide range of nationalities, backgrounds and ages.

The Knights of St Columba is an Order of Catholic Laymen dedicated to the Service of the Church and fellow brothers and sisters.

The Organisation, which is non-political and exists to support the mission of the Catholic Church and at the same time to work for the Spiritual and material good of our members and families.

In accordance with the Social Teachings of the Catholic Church, we work for the Moral and Social Welfare of our Country and in particular, help young people develop in the likeness of Christ.

The Order will strive to achieve these aims through the fundamental virtues of Charity, Unity and Fraternity 

Faith – Family – Fraternity are the core principles that bind us.

We help to raise tens of thousands of pounds for Pro-Life charities, Hospices movement and for our National Action Projects.

Our Members arrange fundraising, Social Events, Stewarding, Youth Competitions and so much more. We believe that by working together for the common good we become stronger and become close friends.

We have a structure of local Councils, Provinces, and Regions across the UK working to Serve God by Serving Others.


The International Alliance of Catholic Knights

The Knights of St Columba are members of I.A.C.K. (The International Alliance of Catholic Knights) and a founder member. The alliance has eleven members which was set up on the 12th October 1979 in Glasgow.

All members of I.A.C.K. support the Doctrine of the Catholic Church and fosters cooperating with other Catholic International Organisations.

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