World Youth Sunday Resources are now LIVE and available on


  • An introductory assembly
  • Outlines for discussion activities
  • Classroom bunting and bookmark print outs
  • A week of prayer to lead up to the Funday/Sunday
  • Resources for schools and youth groups,
  • Parish resources and bidding prayer writing guide
  • a Spotify playlist with World Youth Day anthems and related songs…
Tag @youthsundayew on Instagram and Facebook if you are checking out the resources or using them with groups, it will be great to share these and any other ideas too!! Remember to register for the Friday Funday too! 

The theme, which we share with Flame 2023, reflects a call to stand up again, together, to find fresh strength and to help others to rise up too. It reminds us that as young people we must commit again to use the energy, gifts, talents we have in new ways.

In August 2023 Pope Francis will gather with hundreds of thousands of young people for World Youth Day, in Lisbon, and the theme there is the verse from Luke’s Gospel: “Mary arose and left with haste (Lk 1:38).“ Our theme is consciously linked to this.

In November 2020, Pope Francis called for a relaunch of World Youth Day (previously celebrated annually on Palm Sunday) and moving forward asks the global Catholic community to celebrate locally on the Solemnity of Christ the King, which on this year falls on Sunday the 20th of November 2022

Join us for a national get together online to celebrate World Youth Day! on Friday the 18th of November we’ll be bringing together ten’s of thousands of young people for an event like no other.


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